Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good place for lunch/

Well...we hit the Harmon Brewery in Tacoma for some beer and grub... still a great place to a good pint and food.

Yep... that's how a beer should be poured... who cares about head?..... ( edit.. I do too...but that's another story for another time... )

Hey Gang! they have free peanuts!!!!! yippeee's a simple process...peal and eat..


got a pissa pie... nice...

more beer....

and as we're rolling out.... here comes EASYRIDER!!!!! It's Christmas in SEPTEMBER!!!!!

Let's see....
1. Helmet: check
2. Mirror: check
3. Lights: check.check.check.check.and check.
4. License Plates: check.check.check.check.check.check.check.and check.
5. Clocks: check and check.
6. Glitter and tinsle: check
7. Candy canes: check
8. Stuffed reindeer: check and check.
9. Leg warmers: check
10. Shorty shorts: check ('ick)
11. American Flags: check.check.and check.
12. Creepy Dalmation sweatshirt: check
13. Creepier pink lama seat cover: check


1 comment:

  1. Is it a one man gay parade? Or is he just an idiot? :D